Rain Buddha by Laya Project Ft. Lwin Ko Oo

Happy Sunday dear friends ❤ 🌖 Hope you all had a good Saturday, I am celebrating the first (or last 😉 day of the week with this, sharing the love

🎶 Rain Buddha by Laya Project Ft. Lwin Ko Oo
Laya Project is a musical documentary that documents musicians from the shore countries like India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, all those who were impacted by the Great Tsunami of 2004. The film revolves around people whose only strength left during that disaster was the music within them. Composer Patrick Sebag and Yotam went and spent months jamming with these amazing artists and mixed their music with their own interpretation of the spirit of human resilience. I met Yotam some two years ago and discussions around music with him has always been an inspiration for me to work on my own musical documentary (which I will share about later someday 🙂

Rain Buddha is a rare track that floats in its essence. A beautiful composition that’s sweetly laced with buddhist chanting around a solo by young Lwin Ko Oo, who not only gives the track a whole new dimension through his high octave vocals, but also adds a wonderful flavour to the whole feel of it. The video captures the lives of monks at monastery, young to old, just beautiful. Listen to it and experience the depth of it, it will make you feel good, forget about your worries, get you back to ground, and fill your heart with immense love and warmth ❤

The whole album is a piece of art. Each song is a wonderful expression. Make that cup of tea/coffee, with some biscuits, and sit on the bare floor, while you enjoy this shower of sweetness ❤


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3VAmG2WIvZW2Kyf69RdRsa?si=o7ppUuvZQGKE7WC1l1NU0A
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/in/album/rain-buddha/315619907?i=315619944

Ciao <3

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