Musica Vita / musicLetter

A musical whatsapp group

Dear friends, sharing with you a small activity straight from heart 😊 Felt a calling to start a whatsapp group where I can share wonderful music that I keep discovering every now and then. Taking my love of sharing music from just friends to ‘friends of friends’, I believe music can be much more than just a source of entertainment. In this musical group, I will share music which brings freshness and healing, food for the soul and a vibe of joy. Pls click the link below to join the group. Request you to only forward it to those who would value it 🙂

Additional Thoughts

I recommend that you install Spotify or Apple music, and get a paid subscription for the same. Either one would not cost you more than 1200-1300 for the whole year (if you buy annual plan, or about 150 per month), but the investment is worth it ❤ We’re gonna listen wonderful stuff on these platforms that might not be there for free or are of poor quality on youtube. Although I will be sharing youtube links also for all the music that I would share, just saying 🙂

Also, I am gonna share lot of music from indie artists, and these platforms (even whatever they do) are an important stream of revenues for them 🙂 Having said that, it is not necessary though, to each it’s own. All approaches are absolutely fine ❤


I will also be archiving all the letters that I’d be sending on whatsapp, so that new members can have access to all that they missed.

You can check out the archive here –

Here are few playlists I created on Spotify, incase you’re looking for totally fresh and new music <3 Each track is handpicked!