Raga Tilak Kamod by Ustad Vilayat Khan

Happy Diwali musical friends 🙂 ❤
Here is Raga Tilak Kamod , a beautiful and playful rendition by his excellency Ustad Vilayat Khan Saab on Sitar 🎶

Incase you’re also not much into crackers and get-togethers.. this is perfect for a silent time indoors with some oil lamps around and a clear window overlooking the bright sky, doing nothing and just being.. ❤ From a slow vilambhit alap to fast drut taal, this rendition is a beautiful journey of complete immersive and intimate experience of self love and warmth ✨

On this auspicious eve, I send warm greetings and lots of healing vibes to you and your family. Good night 🌠

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2hKWE9uGfpwA8KoY8QWe2q?si=Yn6sg96MRVqpZ5eB3u3j3Q

Apple music: https://music.apple.com/in/album/raga-tilak-kamod-sitar-vilambit-gat-in-teentaal/405772189?i=405772208


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