Bandeya by Mekaal Hasan Band | Saptak (2009)

🎶 Bandeya by Mekaal Hasan Band

‘Chaar dina diya sangtan ne bandeya’

Bandeya is one of those rare tracks that is so maturely written that the genre reflects itself through the mood of the song. Funk and Groove. The track will immediately capture your attention and put you into a groovy mood with a fine sip of funk in it. I have always deeply respected Mekaal Hasan (the founder of the band) for his passion towards writing sincere music. Pick any of their albums, from Saptak to Sampooran, every single track is a testimony for carefully crafted fusion, a rare complex blend of eastern classical with western pop-rock, yet staying true to its roots through an apt play of taals and poetry.

Needless to say, a band is its people. The contribution of Javed Bashir saab (vocalist), guitarist and composer Mekaal Hasan, Flutes by Ustaad Papu are unmatched and a wonderful example of conscious creativity. But it should also be noted that even though members have changed, the band still produces the same quality of music as it used to. That shows how a deeply written foundations of any organisation, the dna, can go a long way defining the taste and experience of their service for ages to come.

Presenting Bandeya, by MHB. You don’t need headphones or any special arrangement to listen to this funk piece, just play it wherever you can, and you’re set 😇


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Do check out the entire album, Some of the other songs that are my favourite are Huns Dhun, Jhok Ranjhan, Waris Shah, Chal Bulleya, Sanwal | 🎶 Album name: Saptak. 2009.

Ciao 🙂

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